Welcome to the unique restaurant of Plaka, located at the foot of the Acropolis. Here, the culinary delights of Greek and international cuisine are harmoniously combined with a unique environment. The restaurant is located in a beautiful neoclassical mansion of 1830, at 4 Lysikratous Street, which was restored after five years of work. This place meets two worlds: ancient “Roman” Pompeii, an ancient Greek city, and neoclassical Athens.

The interior of the closed hall was decorated with the authentic fresco technique, offering a combination of classical motifs with themes from Pompeian painting, focusing mainly on Greek mythology.

At Daphne’s, we have endeavored to create a space where refined culinary delight blends harmoniously with the world of art and beauty. It is a place of participation, where every meal combines visual and gustatory delight, connecting myths and references to memories. It is a space that stimulates the senses and where the uplifting of the spirit seduces as much as the gustatory delights. Colors, aromas and memories are the important components of this mystagogy that could correspond to the culinary ceremonies of the Supper Sophists.

We invite you to Daphne’s for a sense of time, a sense of tradition. Here, in our wonderful space, we await you to enjoy an atmosphere that combines charm and taste experiences, which will transport you to a magical ceremony that springs from the depths of the centuries.